Quick Pay Cricket Wireless Guide and Review

The Cricket Quick Pay online service allows customers to pay their Cricket bill in seconds.

To pay a Cricket bill online, head on over to www.cricketwireless.com/quickpay and enter your Cricket phone number to begin.

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Quick Pay Cricket Wireless Guide

  1. Visit www.cricketwireless.com/quickpay
  2. Input your Cricket Phone number in 1-123-4567 format 
  3. Provide payment method (i.e., credit card, debit card)
  4. Write down the payment confirmation number

ProTip: We suggest setting up Cricket Wireless autopayment as it will pay your Cricket Wireless bill automatically monthly.

Pay A Cricket Bill with a Phone Number?

Some customers are not comfortable paying a bill online and would rather pay via phone.

Does Cricket Wireless allow over-the-phone bill payments?


Cricket Wireless Bill Pay Methods

To pay by phone, please dial the Cricket Wireless customer service team at 1-800-274-2538.

Are you looking to make a payment via the Automated Payment System? Dial *PAY (*729) from your Cricket phone.

Cricket Wireless Mobile App

In our opinion, the MyCricket Wireless Mobile App is a must for all customers. This app can do everything besides take out the nightly trash.

Cricket Wireless App Payment Methods

Customers can use the following payment options when using the mobile App.

Download the App today to manage & update your Cricket Wireless account from the comfort of your phone.

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Cricket Refill Card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • Samsung Pay
  • Gift Cards
  • Reloadable Prepaid Credit Cards

Cricket Wireless Quick Pay Reviews

4.6 out of 5 based on more than 36,000 reviews. Below are some of the best and worse reviews we could find.

I compared top wireless phone competitors (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon) and thought CRICKET was likely, even below them. I couldn’t have been more WRONG. I wish I would have switched to CRICKET as soon as the whole era of “cell contracts” was discontinued & ended! It’s no exaggeration to say it’s been the best decision, not only for myself but also for my business. Cheers!” – Tucker McNuck on  5

I purchased a Cricket Wireless phone and a plan two months ago and switched from another provider; my number didn’t get entirely ported, so my phone only receives calls and texts from a couple of people. I’ve tried going to the store multiple times to get told, “Oh well, we don’t know what to do. I’ve been paying for a phone for two months that I cant even hardly use! Cricket has been the worse experience with any provider I’ve ever been with, and I definitely won’t be back or don’t recommend it! I pretty much took my money and said oh well, sorry!” – Dakota D. on 1

Bottom Line

Cricket Wireless has done a great job rising the ranks in the mobile phone niche. They offer a great product at a great value.

The overall reviews in regards to Cricket Wireless are great.

You can buy the Cricket mobile phone plan with confidence!

Just remember to review our Quick Pay Cricket Wireless Guide.



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