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Nattering Net Neutrality Nonsense Over AT&T’s Sponsored Data Offering – Part 23 Broadband Pricing Freedom Series

January 6, 2014 Net neutrality activists’ criticism of AT&T’s new freebie for consumers called Sponsored Data is nonsensical. AT&T’s pricing innovation creates a new freebie for consumers and a new freedom for web providers of Internet content, apps and devices that is fully in keeping...
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The New U.S. Spectrum Policy Has Big Problems – Part 9 Government Spectrum Waste Fraud & Abuse Series

June 19, 2013 Please see my latest Daily Caller Op-ed: “The New U.S. Spectrum Policy Has Big Problems”. –It critiques the new Presidential Memorandum: “Expanding America’s Leadership in Wireless Innovation.” –It is also Part 9 of my Government Spectrum Waste, Fraud & Abuse Research Series....
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