Monthly Archives: March 2016

Netflix’ Deceptive Throttling Will Have Unexpected Repercussions

March 24, 2016 For the last several years that Netflix has relished the role of Grand Net Neutrality Inquisitor accusing ISPs of throttling Internet traffic in alleged violation of net neutrality, Netflix actually has been secretly throttling its Internet-leading traffic in ways that it never...
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FCC’s Apparent Arbitrary AllVid Proposal

March 18, 2016 “Contradiction contradiction contradiction,” rather than “competition competition competition,” would be a more accurate description of what the FCC’s apparent arbitrary AllVid set-top-box proposal produces. Contradiction #1: FCC rules cable competitive in 2015, but not in 2016. In June 2015, the FCC ruled...
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The FCC’s New Subtractive Privacy Policy

March 10, 2016 Less is not more. That’s real “common sense.” When one’s actions demonstrably create a worse rather than better outcome net-net, like the FCC’s new Title II ISP privacy policy does, others would justifiably consider it a mistake. While the FCC obviously complied...
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