Monthly Archives: November 2015

Court Preview: Activists Expose Net Neutrality’s Biggest Legal Problems

November 29, 2015 Do not let the FCC’s likely unlawful means of broadband Internet regulation, i.e. Title II, distract you from the additional likelihood that two primary ends of supposed net neutrality “policy canon” i.e. bans against “paid prioritization” and “two-sided markets” (only users should...
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What Lessig’s Presidential Candidacy Did for Net Neutrality & Copyright

November 6, 2015 No surprise that political activist Larry Lessig, the intellectual leader of the net neutrality and anti-copyright movements, ran one of the most cynical, undemocratic, and stunt-driven Presidential candidacies ever, because that’s exactly the kind of cynical, undemocratic, stunt-driven campaigns his political followers...
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Google’s Gambit to Dominate Spectrum Access Administration

November 4, 2015 Google is cleverly and stealthily leveraging a Google-friendly-FCC and lax U.S.-Google antitrust enforcement to extend its global Android mobile operating system dominance to increasingly disintermediate and dominate the spectrum administration function embedded in the firmware of smartphones, connected cars, and Internet of...
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