Monthly Archives: August 2015

America’s Upside Down Cyber-Priorities – My Daily Caller Op-ed

August 17, 2015 Please don’t miss my latest Daily Caller op-ed entitled “America’s Upside Down Cyber-Priorities.” It spotlights the national travesty of the government prioritizing net neutrality openness to the detriment of cybersecurity and a more secure Internet....
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Google Fiber’s Corporate-Welfare Vigorish for Running the Game

August 6, 2015 Google Fiber’s motto is “Think big with a gig,” as in gigabit fiber broadband speeds. However, if one is open to considering non-Google data, there is substantial evidence that Google Fiber’s de facto motto may be more like “Think vig for the...
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Unlicensed Spectrum Needs No New FCC Regulation

August 3, 2015 Everyone should have the freedom to innovate and compete in America, the land of opportunity. There should be no innovation or competition double standard where government politically picks winners and losers by rigging competition via denying some companies the freedom to innovate...
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