Monthly Archives: September 2013

What European Broadband Lesson? – Part 27 Net Neutrality Research Series

September 23, 2013 If the Washington Post had fact-checked Save-the-Internet’s spin, or even sought out an alternative viewpoint for balance, they easily could have avoided the obvious fundamental factual mistakes in their article: “What Europe can teach us about keeping the Internet open and free.”...
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Professor Crawford’s Desperate Search for a Problem to Regulate – Part 26 Net Neutrality Series

September 18, 2013 Professor Susan Crawford’s Bloomberg op-ed, “New FCC Head Must Reclaim Authority over Telecom,” exposes a profound lack of substance, in being unable to identify any real market problem warranting FCC regulation. Let’s review Professor Crawford’s litany of contrived policy problems. First, she...
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NetCompetition Press Release on Verizon v. FCC Court Oral Arguments

September 9, 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 9, 2013 Contact:  Scott Cleland                                                 703-217-2407 “A Very Good Day for Broadband Pricing Freedom” Court Majority in Verizon v. FCC Skeptical of FCC Economic Regulation Authority FCC’s Common-Carrier-like Regulation of Broadband is Likely to be Struck Down...
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