Monthly Archives: May 2013

America’s Private Video Market Success – My Daily Caller Op-ed

May 16, 2013 Please see my latest Daily Caller Op-ed:  “America’s private video market success”. –It debunks Free Press’ diatribe against cable to try and promote net neutrality regulation and a ban on usage-based broadband pricing. –It is Part 16 of my broadband Internet pricing...
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The FCC Transition? My Daily Caller Op-ed

May 7, 2013 Please read my latest Daily Caller Op-ed: “The FCC Transition?” –It highlights the strategic transition challenges facing FCC Chairman nominee Tom Wheeler. –It’s also Part 7 of my Modernization Consensus Research Series. * * * * * Modernization Consensus Series (Note: This...
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Wireless Competition: What’s the Data Say?

May 2, 2013 The CTIA just released its semi-annual statistics on the wireless industry’s performance, and its bad news for all those supposed data-driven, pro-regulation proponents who are in search of evidence or data to justify regulating wireless or wireless spectrum holdings. The data are...
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