Monthly Archives: October 2008

Gag me with a law

Christy Hall Robinson, AEI In a period of unprecedented access to information, the First Amendment rights of freedom of the press and freedom of speech are in danger, warns A Manifesto for Media Freedom. The rapid development of media types and venues has prompted both...
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Keep the Internet Free

ANDREA RENDA, The Wall Street Journal As the knowledge-based economy advances, the same infrastructure—the Internet—will be used to make phone calls, watch television, play video games, even access eHealth and eGovernment services. In this environment, it takes many to tango. Competing Internet Service Providers, or...
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Consumer Education, Not Heavy Net Neutrality Regulation, Is the Answer

Conn Carroll, The Heritage Foundation According to the Financial Times, the leading think-tank Copenhagen Economics will release a study next week showing that “broadband prices could rise by up to one-third if regulators in Europe insist on strict ‘net neutrality’ rules.” The reports warns that...
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