Monthly Archives: August 2008

Stuck in Neutral

LUCA BOLOGNINI and GERNOT PEHNELT, The Wall Street Journal The economic future of Europe depends on brainpower. If Europe is to succeed in the long-term competition with emerging markets such as India and China, the entire Continent—not just small countries in Northern Europe—must build and...
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Against New Regulations

Post-Gazette In his “Congress May Be Forced to Address Net Neutrality” column (Aug. 17), TechMan ignores the devastating effects government regulation would have on the Internet. High-speed Internet networks provide enormous benefits to consumers. Broadband is connecting patients to specialty care hundreds of miles away...
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The Stakes 2008

Nicholas Thompson, Washington Monthly John McCain is an AT&T guy; Barack Obama is a Google guy. And that’s one of the most important policy differences between the two. Think of the Internet as working at different layers. There are all the pipes that go into...
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