Monthly Archives: March 2008

McCLURE: Educate, not regulate, to close broadband gap

Dave McClure, Des Moines Register The debate over national broadband policy nearly always centers on issues of the broadband infrastructure – what types of broadband are available, at what speeds and at what costs. And all too often, that debate is driven by rhetoric and...
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‘Net Pains

Mary Wilson, Philadelphia City Paper Several weeks ago, a federal hearing was held at Harvard Law School to address Comcast’s interference with subscriber Internet traffic. Comcast had been accused of “blocking” (or slowing to the point of malfunction) traffic on specific sites and applications, and...
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Net neutrality hearing merely a ‘show trial’

Derek Hunter, Politico On Feb. 25, the Federal Communications Commission went to Harvard Law School to hold a hearing on the Internet management practices of Comcast, the largest provider of broadband Internet access in the country. Why Harvard, when the FCC is located in Washington?...
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