Internet Expert Warns Net Regulation Would Stymie Future Internet Video

Scott Cleland, Chairman of, urges Congress to continue to promote free-market policies to build the next generation Internet

Today, the Chairman of, Scott Cleland, urged the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet to continue to promote free-market policies designed to expand high-speed broadband deployment, and to keep the Internet unfettered by Federal or State regulation. Cleland believes the future demands on Internet capacity from online video, gaming and YouTube, among many other new applications, will require a robust higher-capacity Internet that will only develop if the Government allows the free market to continue to spur investment and innovation.

“The Internet is the greatest deregulation success of all time. As a result of free-market competition, broadband speeds, capacities and functionalities have increased dramatically and broadband companies have incentives to invest heavily to enable Internet video. Preemptive and unwarranted restrictive regulation, like ‘net neutrality,’ would destroy current market investment incentives to keep the Internet dynamic, fast and productive.” Cleland said.

Cleland continued, “as the House Telecom Subcommittee holds an important hearing today on the future of video delivery, members should remember that the free market has made the Internet what it is today and that Internet policy should promote investment rather than discourage it.” is an e-forum to debate the merits of net neutrality. It is funded by broadband telecom, cable and wireless companies who believe in free and open Internet competition, not net regulation.  See