Internet Expert Warns Against Net Regulation

Today, the Chairman of, Scott Cleland, urged the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet to work with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to keep the Internet unfettered by Federal or state regulation.

“The Internet is the greatest de-regulation success story of all time. There is no reason the Government should reverse course and change current law which promotes communications competition and deployment of new technologies.” Cleland said.

Citing recent individual state legislative proposals’ lack of support in Maryland and Michigan, Cleland went on to say, “Net neutrality activists are now off to a predictable 0-2 start in trying to get the states to adopt what every entity at the Federal level has already rejected. Just to restate the situation, net neutrality is 0-6 at the Federal level: the FCC, the Bush Administration, the Supreme Court, the full House, the Senate Commerce Committee, and the FTC all have rejected activist regulation of the Internet. Overall net regulation activists are 0-8 in official forums.”

As the FCC Commissioners appear before the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet today and as the 110th Congress sets its agenda, the Commission should use this opportunity to work with Congress to ensure the internet’s future uses the same free market principles that have led to its successes in the past.