Internet Expert Supports Broadband Expansion without Net Regulation

Scott Cleland, of, calls on the Congress to promote broadband deployment and reject network neutrality

Today, the Chairman of, Scott Cleland, urged the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet and the Senate Commerce Committee to promote policies designed to expand high-speed broadband deployment while keeping the Internet unfettered by Federal or state regulation.

“The Internet is the greatest de-regulation success story of all time. There is no reason the Government should reverse course and change current law which promotes communications competition and deployment of new technologies.” Cleland said.

Citing recent FCC findings on the state of broadband competition, Cleland went on to say, “Contrary to some common misperceptions, America leads the world in deployment and investment in competitive broadband facilities. Moreover, America’s pro-competition broadband policy has established more facilities-based broadband competition than any other country.”

“As the House and Senate hold important hearings today on broadband policy and as Congress sets its broadband agenda, it should continue to trust the free market that has made the Internet what it is today and keep the broadband Internet free of regulation.” is an e-forum to debate the merits of net neutrality. It is funded by broadband telecom, cable and wireless companies who believe in free and open Internet competition, not net regulation.  See