Online Safety

Why FCC Title II Telephone Privacy Rules Can’t Work with an Open Internet

January 27, 2016 Square peg meet round hole. The FCC is poised to try and force-fit inherently-irreconcilable, telephone closed-ecosystem privacy rules into a broadband open-system Internet. Good luck with that. Expect the FCC to have fits trying to successfully craft workable, non-arbitrary, and legally-sustainable Title...
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The Real Motive Behind Opposition to Broadband Usage Pricing – Part 13 Broadband Internet Pricing Freedom Series

November 15, 2012 Now we know the real reason why there has been such strong opposition by FreePress and other net neutrality proponents to the common sense economic notion of broadband usage pricing. The newly launched Open Wireless Movement now wants to turn everyone’s home...
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Consumer Groups’ Advocacy Hypocrisy

Consumer groups by definition are supposed to be protecting consumers’ interests — not be pushing a special interest political agenda under the guise of the “public interest.” Let’s spotlight a recent and blatant hypocrisy whereby consumer groups near-completely ignored an instance of obvious widespread consumer...
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