NetCompetition Proposes Competition Framework for House Comm Act Update

  June 13, 2014 NetCompetition submitted this proposed communications competition framework in response to House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton’s and Subcommittee Chairman Greg Walden’s call for input on defining competition and competition principles for a potential Communications Act Update next Congress. Modernizing...
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Don’t Miss FSF’s Book: Communications law and Policy in the Digital Age

December 14, 2012 For those who have been following my Obsolete Communications Law Series, and those interested in an outstanding and more in-depth free-market analysis of the many communications matters that demand modernization for the digital age, please don’t miss: Communications Law and Policy in...
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The FCC’s 1887 Railroad Regulation Mindset — My Daily Caller Op-ed

August 29, 2012 Please see my latest Daily Caller Op-ed: “The FCC’s 1887 Railroad Regulation Mindset” here. This piece is part 10 of my Obsolete Communications Law research series. ***** Obsolete Communications Law Op-ed Series: Part 1: “Obsolete communications law stifles innovation, harms consumers” Part 2:...
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