Corporate Welfare

Google’s Internet Association Hypocritically Begs Digital Protectionism

September 23, 2015 The juxtaposition of Google tacitly accusing the EU with “digital protectionism” and “discrimination” as the EU’s Digital Chief, Günther Oettinger, visits D.C. and Silicon Valley, while the Google-created Internet Association this week asks for U.S. protection from ISP “discrimination” in an appeals...
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FCC Title II Protectionism Creates a U.S. Digital Single Market like EU’s

March 11,2015 On February 26th, the FCC executed President Obama’s call to “implement the strongest possible rules” to regulate the Internet as a telephone utility under “Title II” of the Telecommunications Act. Legally, the result of this “reclassification” was for President Obama and the FCC...
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