FCC’s AllVid NPRM Is Anticompetitive, Anticompetitive, Anticompetitive

April 22, 2016 FCC’s AllVid NPRM Is Anticompetitive, Anticompetitive, Anticompetitive WASHINGTON D.C. – The following quotes are based on NetCompetition’s submitted comments on the FCC’s AllVid NPRM and may be attributed to Scott Cleland, Chairman of NetCompetition: “Think for a moment. Would anyone think it...
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Google’s Internet Association Hypocritically Begs Digital Protectionism

September 23, 2015 The juxtaposition of Google tacitly accusing the EU with “digital protectionism” and “discrimination” as the EU’s Digital Chief, Günther Oettinger, visits D.C. and Silicon Valley, while the Google-created Internet Association this week asks for U.S. protection from ISP “discrimination” in an appeals...
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NetCompetition Statement on Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger

February 13, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 13, 2014 Contact:  Scott Cleland, 703-217-2407 The Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger is Pro-competitive, The Communications Marketplace Has Never Been More Competitive, And American Consumers Have Never Had More Communications Choices, Mobile & Cloud Competition & Innovation are Dynamically...
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