Competition News: April 19, 2012

Why It Matters
A recent study done by PC World found that in comparing speeds of 3G and 4G wireless networks, the measure matters. The study showed that T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon have the fastest networks, but in different ways. This shows strong evidence of a very competitive wireless market that invests heavily to improve broadband wireless speeds for consumers.

Honeywell announced a deal that will supply Wi-Fi equipment to satellite-operator Inmarsat, to provide faster and more seamless in-flight Wi-Fi services to thousands of jetliners, business jets and government planes.

Competition in a different marketplace can be seen by a recent partnership between AOL and Nielson. AOL will use Neilson ratings to guarantee that advertisers can reach a targeted set of viewers. This arrangement takes a traditional television approach to the ratings/advertiser relationship and expands it to the broadband space.

Competition in video continues to be fierce. Google has cut more deals with content providers to rent movies, which only heightens the competition between Netflix, Comcast’s Streampix, Verizon-Redbox, Amazon, Apple, etc.