About Us

Our Mission: Promoting competitive Internet choices for consumers.


Netcompetition.org e-forum members share a market vision of:

  • A constantly-improving Internet that functions most efficiently, effectively, and productively so consumers and the economy can enjoy maximum benefit, productivity, and growth;
  • A consumer-driven, on-demand Internet where consumer demand, not government fiat, ensure consumers are not blocked from the legal content, applications, and devices of their choice;
  • A vibrantly growing and competitive broadband market free of government micromanagement that maximizes economic growth, job creation, and U.S. competitiveness; and
  • A win-win growth dynamic where everyone on the Internet: network operators, device makers, application developers, and content providers — enjoy the freedom to innovate, invest and differentiate to best serve their customers and advance our economy.

Netcompetition.org e-forum members believe:

Market-based competition benefits consumers more than government-managed competition.

      • Times have changed; consumers enjoy a wide range of broadband providers and technologies. Moreover, technology is the primary enabler and driver of competition — not government
      • Antitrust is the appropriate and sufficient mechanism for addressing anti-competitive behavior.
      • Regulation is appropriate for homeland security, law enforcement and public safety.
Consumers should retain their freedom to choose among different broadband services and technologies.

  • All broadband providers have an interest in developing good solutions to the challenges posed by applications and services demanding increasing bandwidth. Innovation to meet consumer demand should be encouraged, so that consumers experience the best Internet possible.
  • Customers collectively in the marketplace make better decisions than government because: immediate customer feedback efficiently deters customer-unfriendly practices; and economic incentives of success and disincentives of failure have real consequences.
The marketplace is more effective than regulation in promoting efficient use of bandwidth and maximizing value to consumers.

  • Marketplace arrangements can reduce the costs of Internet service to consumers.
  • Effective management of bandwidth is vital to ensuring that consumers can continue to access the content and applications that they desire.
  • Marketplace arrangements are far more capable than rigid government regulations of promoting efficient use of bandwidth and delivering ever more innovative Internet content and applications to consumers.